Owl Plastic Bag Holder

We have a camper and if you have ever owned a camper, you know that you have to be very creative with storage as space is at a minimum. I have been sticking those little plastic grocery bags under the sink. On our last trip, I decided I needed to come up with something to keep those bags in. I had some Lion Brand Rewind Tape Yarn left from my Palmetto Tote Bag projects and decided to make something with that. I went searching for a pattern and found this super cute owl.

This pattern is by Vimon Lacey at www.myshevon.com. The pattern calls for a #4 weight yarn and an I hook. The Lion Brand Rewind Yarn is a #5 Bulky and I used my K hook. It came out a little bigger, but I think he is perfect and will look really nice hanging in the camper.

This pattern is perfect for the advanced beginner. If you would like a lesson to learn how to make this project, or if you would like me to make one for you, please send me a message and I will be happy to help.

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