GIVEAWAY!!! What’s in your notions bag?

I like to have a few small bags or pouches with essentials for any project. You can use just about anything to hold your notions. I like to use small zipper pouches similar to this cute llama pouch.

Inside the pouch, I keep the essentials I might need for my project so I have them handy. Since I always have a few projects going at one time, I keep a few of these pouches ready to go.

What do I keep in my notion bags? Crochet hooks, of course! I pick the hook or hooks I will be using for my project and put them in the bag. I also keep a pair of scissors, a tape measure, a yarn needle for weaving in ends, and stitch markers. Even if I have a project that doesn’t require stitch markers, they come in handy. I always place one on the last loop when I take a break to keep my project from unraveling. I also put a small notepad and pencil in there. You never know when you need to make a note on your pattern. The notebook comes in handy if you are using a digital pattern and need to write something down.

Namma Stitches is giving away this cute llama notions bag. I will include a Clover Amour Size J crochet hook, scissors, yarn needle, stitch markers, tape measure and mini notebook. You can enter with 4 chances to win. Enter your email below. Leave a comment on this post. Follow Namma Stitches on Facebook and Instagram. Entries must be submitted before the deadline on Thursday, March 11, 2021 at 11:00 p.m. EST.

Hooks for Hookin’

I often get asked by my students what is the best crochet hook to use. There are so many brands and styles of crochet hooks out there that it can be overwhelming to choose, especially for a beginner. My best suggestion is to buy a few different styles in the size hook you like to use most and give them a try. As you become a more experienced crocheter, you will begin to have your favorite hooks that you tend to grab more than others.

I have a bunch of different hooks I have collected over the years. I started with the budget friendly aluminum hooks and used those for a long time. Over time, I have tried hooks of all different styles made from all kinds of materials. I even own a few of the really fancy expensive hooks. The hooks I grab the most are my Clover Amour hooks. I am not sponsored by or affiliated with Clover. I just love their products and these hooks are my favorite. My sweet little llama holds them on my craft desk for me so they are always handy. I really like the ergonomic handle and the way they feel in my hand. They glide well with most yarns I crochet with. I usually can crochet for hours without my hand feeling tired.

These hooks are not the cheapest on the market, but they certainly are not the most expensive. I have seen them at my local Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s. I have been able to use store coupons to purchase them at these stores. I have also seen them on Amazon. You can also purchase them directly from Clover’s website at

Choosing a crochet hook is as individual as the person crocheting. Take a few different brands and styles for a test drive. Crochet Amour are my favorite hooks, but you may fall in love with something totally different. If you love the hook you are crocheting with, you will enjoy the project you are creating even more. Happy Crocheting!!

Childhood Blanket Makeover

I was recently contacted by a gentleman for a custom order for a baby blanket. He explained that his wife has a blanket that her grandmother made and she has had it since she was a small child. It is in tatters and not able to be repaired. He wanted to know if I could try and recreate the blanket that Grandma made so his wife could actually have a blanket to curl up on the couch with. He wanted to give it to her as a birthday present.

I was so touched by this idea. He brought me the original blanket so I could see the stitches and the yarn. It looked like a simple Ripple Stitch. We decided on the size and the yarn colors. Once I had his approval, my hook started flying. I used my Clover H-5.0 hook. The yarn I chose was Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly in the colorways White and Cotton Candy and Bernat Softee Baby in the colorway Soft Lilac.

I am so pleased how this blanket turned out. I hope she will enjoy it. I know it isn’t the same as having something made by her grandmother, but hopefully she will curl up with it and have a sweet reminder of her childhood and know that she has a very thoughtful hubby too!

Bodacious Crochet Bobble Headband

I had the pleasure of testing the Bodacious Crochet Bobble Headband for designer Tonya Bush at Nana’s Crafty Home. This pattern is so fun and works up very quickly. It can be easily adjusted to fit any size. Check out this pattern and all of Tonya’s patterns at Message me if you are interested in learning to make this pattern or if you would like to purchase a headband made by Namma.

Aleah’s Butterfly Blanket

My granddaughter asked me to make her a butterfly blanket for her birthday. Thanks to this pattern from MJ’s Off The Hook Designs, I was able to grant her request. Aleah played a big part in naming my business. When she was little, she could not say Grandma. She would call me Namma. We figured when she got older, she would say Grandma. Nope!! Namma stuck and all the other grands know me as Namma too! Check out this pattern and other great patterns from this designer at